Post April & Pre May

I’ve been having some trouble focusing my education efforts. And so I’ve come up with the idea of doing a look back at education efforts for the past month. And then looking at what I plan on doing in the next month. I think this will help me focus and correct the ship when it starts to get adrift. So with that explanation out of the way…


  • Started reading Applying UML and Patterns (which required I put the Object Design book on hold)
  • Put learning Ruby on hold so I can apply myself more towards design patterns and OO analysis & design.
  • Switched to waking up at 5:30 AM. This allows me to take a one hour morning walk each day. Definitely something I can’t live without now that I’m back into the habit.


  • Finish the Applying UML and Patterns book.
  • Start working through the patterns in GoF book. Work through 2-3 patterns by creating multiple implementations.
  • Complete a small application which uses my current understanding of things.
  • Resume reading Object Design book.
Post April & Pre May