Returning of the living dead blog…

So a long time ago I tried blogging.  Then I gave up.  Then I tried again.  And then I moved to another url but that company has been shut down and I spent a year learning that..

1) I feel really sorry for the people who inherited some of the over-engineered systems I’ve left in my wake in what based on my experiences is typical contractor style.  A lot of the tools/techniques that were used have their place but only if you properly take into account who will be responsible for code maintenance, what their (and the business appetite) is for education and how complex the system is going to be.

2) I CAN manage people.. I just need more time to get great at it.

3) Being responsible as an (unofficial) Operations Lead can teach you a lot about what makes a system pleasant/unpleasant to maintain in the wild.

4) I hate “Frameworks” with a passion.  Especially ones that think they need to rewrite state management.

So with all that (and much more) learning under my belt I think there may be something I can contribute to the world of development.

Returning of the living dead blog…

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