Post May & Pre June

Well May was a pretty good month. One of the items on my list that I couldn’t list publicly was that I wanted to make the transition to contracting. Well the good news is that I have successfully made the transition. I’ve started on my first one year contract and things are going great so far. The team itself is really good and even though it’s a bit early to say I think contracting is a better fit for me.

The switch to contracting actually has taken a lot of time and energy. That would be why things have been so dead around here and why I wasn’t able to complete all my goals for May.


  • Finished the Applying UML and Patterns book.
  • Made the transition to contracting!
  • Switched over to waking up at 5:30 AM.


  • Finish reading Refactoring to Patterns. This book won a Jolt award and I can see why after having read the first few chapters.
  • Start swimming once a week in the mornings at a pool near me. This might require I wake up at 5 AM but that’s the price of getting healthy.
  • Turn in my Time sheet on time!
Post May & Pre June

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