iBatis — Interesting Problem…

I had gotten to the point in my iBatis efforts where I was starting to look at how iBatis deals with referenced objects. So a simple example is an Order with a Customer. Now assume that your customer was a complex enough object that you wanted to keep it cached and use your cached version. The timing itself was a bit funny because it was at this point that an email arrived from the iBatis user email list. Someone else had this exact same question. Well not really the exact same question. He had found out that iBatis doesn’t do any sort of caching. They consider that outside of their realm. We’ve discussed a few possible solutions (none of which I like that much) and even have one suggestion we look into NHibernate.

I still believe that iBatis has a definite use in providing an easy to use mapping layer. I just need to put some thought into the best way to provide some caching ability.

iBatis — Interesting Problem…

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