iBatis — Quick Start

Well it took a bit of reading and a little bit of work but I have successfully gotten the iBatis Quick Start working. There was actually quite a few things I had to do to get it working. Some of them were things that were missing from the guide and others might just be me not understanding better/quicker ways to do things using iBatis.

I’ve contacted the person who wrote it to see about having my notes rolled into the actual guide. I was going to try to post my changes here but I’m having a problem posting some of it so I’ll have to do it later once I have a minute to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

With those problems aside I do have to say I’m quite impressed with how easy it was to get a list of entities returned from the system. It is definitely a much different experience then NHibernate is. Next up is to get the rest of basic CRUD functionality working.

iBatis — Quick Start

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