Learning iBatis — Day 1

Having written a fairly massive mapper layer for the last project I was on I decided it was time to look into this ORM thing I’ve been hearing so much about. The first thing I looked at was NHibernate and while I found that it was a really cool solution I’ve also heard it’s not the best solution when you are being required to use stored procedures. I’m not going to get into the whole stored procedures vs direct sql debate because at the end of the day some decisions are made for us. We sometimes find ourselves inheriting a big collection of stored procs we need to map from.

It was at this point that I started to hear about a product called iBatis. I’ve been told that if you have to deal with stored procedures and want a nice simple mapper that iBatis is your man. So I’ve decided to start taking a look into it. And my plan is to post information as I go along so that maybe someone else who is just starting to take a look at this product can gain from my experience.

So the first step has been to download the two seperate projects (DataAccess and DataMapper) and their respective documents. Now time to start doing some reading and playing..

Learning iBatis — Day 1

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