Prioritizing Education…

One of the hardest things I’m trying to decide right now is how to prioritize my life. I’ve got the following list of things to do in 2007.

1. Learn NHibernate
2. Learn Ruby
3. Catch up on DNR
4. Learn C# 3.0
5. Learn WPF
6. Touch WCF
7. Learn SmartClient & ClickOnce deployment
8. Grok Dependency Injection
9. Grok Pragmatic Programmer
10. Implement each pattern in
a) Design Patterns
b) Patterns of Enterprise Architecture

So.. as you can see that’s a pretty big list. I do have a lot of time though since I try to spend about 12-20 hours a week of personal time on education. I think though that the latest post from Jean Paul
makes a lot of sense. Thought I think I will tweak it a bit. I’m thinking 60% core and 40% new technology. I’m actually reading a book called Object Design Roles, Responsibilities, and Collaborations to help improve my object design skills.

Prioritizing Education…

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