Pandora’s Box

A friend recently got me hooked on Pandora. For those of you who have never heard about it, think of it as a customized learning radio station. You tell it the name of a singer or song and it create a radio station that plays similar music. The learning comes into play when you tell it what songs you like, and dislike.

The only problem is it requires you keep a browser open to listen to the music. But thanks to a link from Samuelson to a program called Pandora’s Box that is a requirement no more. It seems to have a bug picking up the new songs that are playing (so I can’t use its lyric capabilities) but other then that its awesome. I can now listen to Pandora, rate my music all, change to the next song all from my system tray.

Great find for Pandora fans!

Pandora’s Box

One thought on “Pandora’s Box

  1. As a heavy user of Pandora, this is the best app I’ve found out about in a while!! Thanks very much for this! No more of my absent-mindedly shutting down the browser and then crying my eyes out for 30 minutes. Yeah, I know, I’m too intense about it…YOU JUST DON’T UNDERSTAND

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