The JP Experience..

One of the goals for me going to Jean-Paul’s camp was to be able to bring back what I had learned to my team. I’ve been thinking about how I can do that the entire week and I still don’t know the best way to do it.

The problem is that the entire time JP is teaching you specific techniques and principles he’s also teaching you more. You’re learning a new way of looking at what we do. At looking at your own life and skills. I can without a doubt say that JP has started me on a new journey that will take years to complete but I feel will be well worth it. One of JP’s biggest skills as a teacher is understanding that it’s more valuable to help you along a path rather then show you the end. In a lot of the examples we did JP would look at what I had done and give small suggestions. Not on how to specifically fix the problem but in how to look at the problem.

So how do you take all that and try and share it with others? I think the answer is you can’t. You can repeat some of what JP said but at the end of the day the only way to be a part of the JP experience is to be there (or be square.. heh).

The JP Experience..

One thought on “The JP Experience..

  1. Hey Shane,

    Thanks for the awesome comments about the course. I had a blast coming up there and spending the week with all of the people in the class. I too had a lot of lessons learned, and this experience will definitely help me fine tune future iterations of the course.

    Until Next Time!!!


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