A Daily Build Process…

We spent a large part of Sunday in at work. Our original intention was to implement a daily build process. The easiest method I could see of implementing this was to use CruiseControl.Net. Before we could do that though we needed to add a few remaining projects to the CC.Net process so that everything was CI’ed.

This is the part where our plans for the day start going south…

As we’re adding the new projects we realize that our original directory layout was wrong. And then we realize that our actual build scripts require way to much effort to get working for a new project. At this point we can either leave things as they are and just hack together the remaining builds or we can fix things.

Of course if we don’t fix things now we’ll just have more to fix later…

So we ended up fixing all our scripts and moving things around. Now this is all based on our current level of knowledge about CC.Net so we may have made a few errors in how we set things up, but I think I’m actually quite happy with how it all came together.

Now about that daily build process…

A Daily Build Process…

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